Making a complaint

At Yell, we believe in treating our customers with respect, whilst also acting professionally and with integrity. We pride ourselves that we meet our own high standards, seeking to resolve any expressions of dissatisfaction or queries, where founded, amicably and reasonably.

Most customers are satisfied with the service they receive from Yell and its people. We recognise however that we can sometimes get things wrong or make mistakes. Complaints help us to see where our services, procedures and products could be improved. Please let us know where you feel we have made a mistake or have done something that you have found to be unsatisfactory. By doing this you give us the opportunity to fix something that we may otherwise have missed.

Should you find it necessary to contact us in these circumstances, we will follow the process below to investigate your concerns.

  1. Our approach
  2. Communication channels available for customers
  3. Complex or serious complaints
  4. Code of ethics

Our approach

We aim to resolve your concerns immediately, however if we are not able to do this within 20 days we will tell you:

  • Why
  • Who is dealing with your request
  • When we will update you again

We trust that our customers treat our people in the way they would expect to be treated themselves. We expect our people to be treated with respect and not to be subjected to intimidation or inappropriate behaviour in the course of their work.

When contacting us, please make sure that you quote your account number.

Communication channels available for customers

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, products or procedures, you can let us know by using any of the following methods, all of which can be found at

  • In writing
  • Telephone
  • Email

You can also find out more about our Accessibility Policy.

This process does not cover:

  • Requests for copy documentation
  • General enquiries on your account
  • Amending an up and coming advertisement
  • Issues concerning Advertising Policy
  • Enquiries from Members of Parliament
  • Complex or serious complaints—see below
  • Environmental concerns
  • Enquiries from users of Yell products and services
  • If you have concerns with the delivery of your local directory

Complex or serious complaints

Some concerns, such as serious allegations of unauthorised advertising, are handled using a different procedure. If, when you contact us, your concerns fall into this category we will let you know.

Code of ethics

We're committed to improving access to our products and services for all users as part of our company-wide corporate responsibility programme. Find out more about the Yell Group Code of Ethics.